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What makes dictation with this

 device so easy and stress free?

 The DS-2600 is very easy to use with its various editing
 functions and the slide switch. Recordings can be easily
 started, stopped and ended. Its special ergonomics ensure
 that you can comfortably dictate for long periods of time.

 Can I use the DS-2600 to have my dictations

 transcribed automatically or do I need a typist?

 With the DS-2600, both are possible. The device can be used
 Can I stop my recording or do I have to  with various third party speech recognition software like Dragon

 start a new recording every time?  NaturallySpeakingTM, but needs to be purchased additionally.
 Besides Olympus provides various accessories to get your audio
 The robust slide switch on the side of the  recording transcribed manually (e.g. AS-2400 Transcription Kit).
 device makes it easy to start, stop, continue
 and stop recording. This way dictation is also
 possible on the move, because you do not
 have to look at the device while dictating.

 Can I change my recording afterwards?

 With the included DSS Player standard there are a  Profesyonel Diktasyon
 variety of editing options that offer the possibility to
 insert, overwrite, erase or cut files. Unwanted content
 can easily be amended or removed.          kolay ve stressiz

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